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Discover the incredible diversity near our town - vast spaces for exploration, tranquility for relaxation, and boundless adventures in the wilderness. Sail through the natural beauties that surround us - stunning beaches with crystal-clear sea, untouched mountain peaks, lush parks, and forest trails.
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NP Kornati

'On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created the Kornati out of tears, stars and breath...''
The words were written by George Bernard Shaw and best describe the experience of this unique archipelago is doing outstanding natural beauty in 1980. was declared a national park.
Clear blue sea which in its depths discovers a magical underwater world rich marine systems, the wild beauty of the stone contrasts with the gentle hidden coves over 114 islets and rocks about 300 km2 in the silence of untouched nature represents a paradise for boaters and divers, and we are confident it'll take a day trip unforgettable memories Kornati are away from Sukošan 11 nm, there is a possibility of daily trips to the islands...
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NP Krka

From the picturesque springs near Knin, to the mouth of the Adriatic sea near Sibenik, only 75 km, Krka is a true natural phenomenon is rightly called ''Karst beauty''. As in several places had to break through the high gorges, and the greater part of its course through the rocky plateau, is on its way to the sea, we always take our breath away. Although the nature lovers a real experience to monitor the river throughout its course, do not forget to visit Skradinski Buk last and most beautiful waterfall, and Visovac island on which the Franciscan monastery with a rich library. There are also Krka monastery and the picturesque ancient town of Skradin. Krka National Park is located about 60 km from Sukosan, and you can visit it individually or organized. Access to the park is possible from Sibenik and Skradin.

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NP Paklenica

If you like mountains, you will visit this national park. The place where the mountains into the sea in a collision Mediterranean and mountain climates rise monumental canyons of Big and Small Paklenica. Their cliffs over 400m have made Paklenica world renowned rock climbing destination. Endemic plants, a large number of animal species enrich this pristine environment.
This is a challenge for all nature lovers: hikers, rock climber, adventurer... if they themselves want to convince Paklenica is about 50 km and you can go by car or organized.

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NP Plitvice lakes

The most famous National Park in Croatia, and also one of the most beautiful sights in Europe.
For small surface changes taking place spectacular 16 lakes and many waterfalls in their unsurpassed beauty arise from the main stream of the White and Black rivers, and rivers Nuts generated their merger, streams rivers, and the Plitvice lakes, and numerous smaller tributaries. In most of the water areas of the park there is a process of paramount importance to maintain the whole system, the process of calcification, why was added to the list of cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO. For this process among the many conditions required purity water which allows Plitvice Lakes to be proud of clean water to a greater extent that has not affected the urban life of the 21st century, and has remained an inexhaustible source of beauty and power that is the water!
Read more at the link: NP Plitvice lakes.

NP Northern Velebit

Velebit, Croatia cult mountain, our symbol, whose residence is tops in the good spirit of the Croats. Such a place of spiritual relief Croatian Velebit has earned its position, appearance and meaning in the life of its inhabitants. Fans of the mountain, because of its diversity, are in love with it at first sight, and the evidence of its richness are the two National Park and Velebit Nature Park.
The area of the park in 1999 declared a national park because of the variety of phenomena, the wealth of wildlife and outstanding natural beauty on a relatively small area. Velebit beech and fir forests are home to significant populations of large predator (wolf, bear and lynx). Combination of natural factors created a large number of different habitats and towering Croatian endemics and relicts of flora and fauna. The park is 109 km2, and is located within the same strict nature reserves Hajduči and Rozanski kuk, its geomorphological phenomenon which has so far discovered more than 150 caves, the most famous being “Lukina jama”, one of the deepest in the world, discovered in 1999. year.
The best way to reach this area is via Otocac and Krasno (also wonderful excursion).
Read more at the link: NP Northern Velebit.

Nature park Telaščica

Beautiful natural bay situated in the southeastern part of the island, away from Sukošan 9NM. It is protected from winds from the open sea by high cliffs and hills Grpašćak and Muravjak and northeastern coast is sheltered from the wind. Thanks to its exceptional beauty, wealth and importance, this bay is surrounded by 13 islands and islets, which includes six islands in the bay. It was declared a nature park in 1988.
This Nature Park is an area rich in contrasts, quiet and peaceful beaches and laid coastline on one side and wild cliffs on the other hand, the area of Aleppo pine and oak on one side and bare rocks on the other, the area of cultivated fields of vineyards and olive groves but the area of degraded forms of vegetation covering dry habitats. The undersea world has more than 250 plant and 300 animal species, and the few attractive places in the cliffs to dive. Special attractions are the so-called ''rock'', which rise to 200 meters above sea level and descend to depths up to 90 salt lake ''Peace'' with healing properties.
Read more at the link: NP Telaščica.

Nature park Vransko jezero

If you go coastal road towards Sibenik, at approximately 25 km you will see a natural phenomenon of two equally beautiful, and yet so different blues. On the one hand indented Adriatic coast, famous for its beauty and purity, and on the other, the largest natural lake in Croatia. It is flooded karst field filled with brackish water and represents Kriti ground. Length about 14, and 4 km wide depth of 4 m is a real natural phenomenon that offers a number of interesting facts, and along the lower course of the Neretva is the only wetland in the Mediterranean part of Croatian.
As one of the few, almost untouched natural habitat of water birds with drinking water, as well as area specific characteristics and biodiversity 1999th years along with the surrounding area was declared a nature park. So far recorded 241 bird species, of which 102 nest in the park. The park is also interesting for sport fishermen who can fish there year round.
Kept walking, biking trails (40 km) and the beautiful vantage points (among which are beautifully decorated Kamenjak gazebo overlooking the lake, the beginning of the Kornati islands and the coastal towns and towns....) will delight all nature lovers.
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