We do not exactly know the year or period when Sukošan was settled, but its unique geographical position in a protected bay called „Zlatna luka“ (Portus aureus), the still visible ruins of the rustic villa on Barbir, the Illyrian fortress on Vrčevo and old roman waterworks (Vilinski zid) indicate the possibility that this place was settled during the Roman ruling of the eastern coast of the Adriatic. The first written proof which mentions Sukošan as a settlement dates from the year 1289.

The History of Tourism in Sukošan

The beginning of tourism started during the 20s of the last century. From that period it is visited by 500 tourists mostly from Czech Republic and Germany.. They were the ones who named the unique beach with shallow sea „Dječji raj“ (Children’s paradise).These were the times when the first pensions in the town were opened, so that we can say that in 1938 an organized reception of tourists began. The first tourist association in this area was founded in Sukošan in 1957.

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