Easter - the biggest Christian holiday, the Feast of whom are in Sukošanu a special respect the old customs and traditions. Easter breakfast, where the family gathers traditional foods ( bread, eggs, cheese, pork, onions and sherry or wine ) that women in SPRT ( baskets ) on Easter morning wore on blessing is special and unique.

A small fraction of rich traditions, distinctive smell and taste of Easter fringe all the houses in our village, you can experience the Sunday after Easter on, as already Sukošan always been called, 'Little Easter' 9.00 to 11.00, when members KUD Gold ports under the auspices of the Tourist Board prepare 'Eastern breakfast' with a large table full of Easter delights, music and socializing.

Carnival (Maškare/ Poklade/ Babe luže)

Since the ancient times the inhabitants of Sukošan gladly participated at carnival time and this tradition is maintained up to this day. Its happiness echoes every last Sunday within the Carnival time, when the whole place, stopping at the refreshment stations, is celebrating Carnival parade consisting of different carnival groups of all generations with imaginative allegorical chariots. After that the party continues in a particular and appropriate place- an abundance of food, song, dance... and of course a selection of the most original masks and groups.....


BABE Luza the ugly masks that you can only see in Sukošanu and on Shrove Tuesday. The last day of carnival in Sukošanu this ugly masks wore only men, and not in any way, in a way which is known as „ Babe Luže“ (translated as ash grannies). „Dressed in old clothes, clothe sheep fleece, the head of misery ( sheep or goat called Mišina ), waist bells and various other miracles, in the mouth trumbeta or pistachios, and carrying a bag full of liquor ( ash )“.

After the song, and a noise ringing inspect the entire village and enter every yard, leaving a trail of ash, forcing the evil spirits of winter, with the first gathering darkness on the upper neck. Each group has its 'grandfather' ( the culprit for all the troubles in the past year ). After the action, and the reading of the indictment, ignite the 'grandfathers', remove the mask and ends during the carnival, starting during Lent.


Experience Advent in Sukošan and Debeljak with the arrival of Saint Luce and Santa Claus in a rich cultural and entertainment program and charity sale of Christmas decorations from the creative workshops of kindergartens and elementary schools, a Christmas lottery and traditional dishes and sweets.
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Feast of St. Cassian
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