Sports and recreation programs

„In a healthy body, healthy mind“

The old proverb, and that sport and sporting activities are certainly an evidence for a healthy body and life. Join us in our sport - recreational events (Magunja trail, soccer tournaments, Adriatic games, tournaments in beach volleyball, swimming marathon 'Hello Summer'...

Magunja trail

Challenger, 25km, light 10km, Đir 5km a race along the indented coast and beautiful scenery of Sukošane municipality, over Tustica through the last oasis of macchia with spectacular view of Ravni Kotari on one side and Sukošan and Pašman channel on the other, over the fields, vineyards, olive gardens to Vrčevo, Sv. Martin, Križ.. We have organized great prizes for the most successful ones, and lunch and great fun for everyone.....By the end of September.

Small football tournamet

organized for many years by NK 'Zlatna Luka' Sukosan.

Swimming Marathon Hello Summer

A few enthusiasts Sukosan, sea and swimming..... first Sunday in September, brings together the now traditional marathon 'hello summer' that swims from the waterfront to Makarska ( Cafe La Bocca ), where he organized a party with a barbecue for all....

Fishermen festivities
Feast of St. Cassian
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Sports and recreation programs
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