Harmony evening

„Pismo mora kamena i škoja, Dalmatinska lipa pismo moja, Prođi noćas pjacon i kaleton, Zapivaj mi srcon i dišpeton“

Like in most coastal towns, here in Sukošan people are very happy to sing. Singing in joy and sorrow describing their difficult work in the field. We are proud of our dalmatian folk songs, known and recognized all over the world, still kept our vocal groups - female choir and male choir Uzorita Sukosan. On warm summer evenings you can often hear them singing in the narrow streets of the old village, but true lovers of harmony singing can really enjoy the two traditional folk music nights – Ispod Kampanela/ Under the church bell and Zapivajmo Kasijanu/ Let's sing to St. Cassian/Kasijan.

„UNDER the Church bell“

Traditional choir evening in the beautiful setting of the stone courtyard of the church of St. Cassian, right under the bell ( bell tower ), the second Tuesday in July will certainly captivate all enthusiasts Harmony singing and homemade Rica. With local bands and their guests over renowned vocal groups, and local folk poets professor. Zlatko Dinko Pavic, you will spend an unforgettable evening......

„Let's sing to St. Cassian“

Held on August 12th. Every year we sing to our patron saint... of course a capella.... With local vocal group Say Goodbye year and hosts a renowned a cappella groups, and we were so dear guests : Sveti Juraj HRM, Šufit, Sol Since last year, newly renovated waterfront has proven to be a wonderful summer theatre.

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