Feast of St. Cassian

Sukosan festival - Feast of St. Cassian is celebrated on 13 August

It is a day when you just all roads lead to Sukosan. Sukošan parties all day and night.

From the early morning hours of district grouse then filled with stalls where most children look forward to.

Mass in the parish church of St. Cassian. Morning at 8:00 am, and especially solemn Mass at 11:00 pm followed by a procession around the old village with a statue of St. Cassian.

Almost in front of every house baked lamb on a spit (a traditional dish of our festivities), because that day is hosting all the friends and relatives who are not in Sukošanu. After a good lunch, which usually lasts until dinner and homemade wine falls and letters.

Evening and night are reserved for fun, dancing on organized concert or with a well-organized parties at bars Sukosan is that on this day last until morning.

Particularly attractive are the huge fireworks display at sea in 23h.

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Feast of St. Cassian
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