Programs for children

Djeca su naše najveće bogatstvo, a zadovoljno dijete znači sretnu obitelj. Zato već dugi niz godina posebnu pažnju poklanjamo programima za djecu. Kreativne radionice, kreativne fešte, dječji festivali, posjeti lutkara i mađioničara, face painting …

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS 'Keeps the holidays'

be creative and make your own unique souvenir of your vacation, or more... Every day in July and August in the evening with our aunts and creative girls with a symbolic compensation for the material, can make unique souvenirs in various techniques.


many best known melodies - do not miss the children's festival at the sports center at the beginning of August. It is represented as unique festival where kids show programme and they sing ( orchestra music lessons Corona and Corona Rock band follow live all the performers ), sing, dance.....


Many, songs, laughter skies, noise and children screaming with interesting animators and lot of colorful balloons and flowers, beautiful prizes and interesting guests.... following in mid- July at the sports center. Interesting summer games for kids and parents : Sukosan Alka watermelon madness, cream madness, “I'm gonna throw you water....”
Creative workshops for all ages.......
'Sukosan children under the brush' - selection of the most beautiful works. Surely every child will remain an unforgettable memory.

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Programs for children
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