„At sunset, you can see the setting sun gold walls of the old palace, and view the sky merges with the rhapsody of colors, the port is slowly coming back to the rowing fishermen crates full of fish stew for real......“

Want to experience this beautiful picture and moreover enjoy the smells and tastes of fish stew, homemade wine and real Dalmatian 'Letters' - come in Sukošan in late August when we traditionally organize 'Brudetijada' - a competition in preparing fish stew.

The event, which won both tourists and local - gourmets and those competitive spirit.....

In late August, at dusk, with small boats members of our merry company 'Golden Arc' in traditional clothes bring the fish to the Palace 'bank' where teams are waiting ready. Each team prepares stew for his secret recipe and the fish as desired. To all tasted the delicacy cooked and great 'stew' ( 150-200 kg of fish ). While fish stews are cooked, people are entertained with song and dance, plays and mura - old Dalmatian game which is also called Sijavica. The jury, which consists of the top chefs ( Renato Kraljev, Mišel Tokić ) and local gourmets, have a difficult task to choose the three best fish stew, and a special prize and gets the most cheerful team. From the first Brudetijada ( 2009 ), with the home team, dear guests, our 'masters Neretva fish stew' from Opuzen and 'masters Dalmatian fish stew' of Kali.

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